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    Nier Reincarnation Review

    Nier Reincarnation is a free-to-play hero collector game published and developed by Square Enix and Applibot. As a huge fan of the Nier franchise, Nier Reincarnation was a game I needed to play and review. This game delivers everything you expect from a mobile game within the franchise. It allows players to explore and learn the stories of the characters they discover in the world.

    Nier looks pretty good graphically. You can experience it right away when traversing the main story quest. Quests can be very linear but occasionally there are some branching paths to get to some nice locations. I have to give the game credit for its very interesting camera angles as well. Every single location that I’ve been in has been a unique experience, which is accompanied by camera angles that gives you this really nice view of the world you’re in. You’re also tangibly rewarded for exploring the map as well. As you’re looking at these amazing locations, there are some valuable collectibles to be discovered. Part of the experience is the actual visuals of the game so it will that appeal to a different audience than ones that are only concerned about combat and increasing their power of your characters. It’s nothing like anything you’ve seen in any other hero collector currently on the market. Some people might describe Nier Reincanation as a walking simulator that you’re either gonna love or hate. I’m a fan of this type of game because it’s such a break from the normal gacha games that we play every single day.

    The visuals, soundtrack and English voice acting are a tier above most mobile games. For example, some of the boss encounters are really exciting to play. The production values and creativity are evident for late game content and daily quests. You’re constantly looking around the environment looking at every nook and cranny. It’s pretty immersive as you go through the story and learn more about the characters. Once you complete their story quests, you get them on your team eventually.

    As for combat, elemental weakness in this game is very important so you definitely want to have a nice staple of equipment. That way when you go into a fight and need to bring some fire units with you into combat, you can easily sort your equipment for the fire stage. Taking advantage of the elemental advantages in this game is something that you are required to do in order to advance smoothly in the game.

    The game has gacha banners and can get really expensive in the long run. You can’t really get anywhere unless you shell out some dollars. It’s important to note that while this game is free-to-play, it is a premium gacha game. This means that the free-to-play model in this game only does so much for you. There is literally a wall that will stop you from progressing any further unless you decide to spend some actual money on the game. This is an important tidbit to be aware of as a potential player.

    In conclusion, Nier Reincarnation delivers an experience that is almost unmatched in its tone, story, and artistic presentation, while pairing all that with relaxed, easy-to-learn gameplay. Although some of its options could be improved, the game is easy enough for players to handle most of the challenges, even if it’s not cleared completely due to lack of power levels needed from premium gacha summons.

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